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Porcelain Marble Tile

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If you are looking for an affordable alternative to porcelain marble tile or marble look porcelain tile then you are at the right place. The stone look tile is created with that in mind. The stone look incorporates all the absolutely awesome features that natural stones have. When you are installing the stone tile you need professional help if you are not sure. But many people just install it easily without the need of assistance if they have previous experience. Buy from our varied collection of stone look tiles to make your wild dreams about décor come alive right in front of your eyes.

Porcelain tile that looks like marble

Porcelain tile is stain resistant and tough, making it the best choice in high traffic areas it is also denser than your ordinary ceramic tiles and impervious to moisture. Porcelain tile can be glazed or unglazed and can range from small mosaics(2 in by 2 in sq. or smaller) to large floor tiles measuring 16 in by 16 in or more. Porcelain tends to be less expensive than marble

Marble has color all the way through so deep scratches do not expose a different color, but like all stones, marble is porous and must be periodically sealed to help prevent staining. It appeals to people because of its beauty and elegance and finding a tile that looks like marble will add beauty to your house or office.

When choosing tiles, it is important to select patterns that
are similar in design and feel to the rest of the apartment.

Some of the advantages of porcelain tiles that look like marble are:

1. Resistant to wear and tear. This type of tiles has high breaking strength it can last longer than other is also extremely nonporous and hard.

2. They are durable. They are made from refined clay and are denser than standard ceramic tile.if they are installed properly they can last a lifetime.

3. They are available in many styles. They have limitless styles as they are able to be made to look like limestone,slate,granite,and marble.

4. They are low maintenance. It is easier to maintain and does not require any sealing for water resistance.

5. Cleaning. It is very easy to clean and it is non porous in material,therefore, protecting it from bacteria.

6. Moisture. It is less prone to moisture and it is especially good in colder climates.

7. Holds up in high traffic areas. It is an ideal tile for areas that have high traffic and can out-perform other tiles in appearance and durability. In high traffic it still retains its appearance.

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