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Tile molding

Tile molding

When it come to tiling, there are two ways to do the job: lay in the tile and smooth out the grout in between, or lay in the tile and do the job right with a unique edging that provides a professional, complete interior look to the tile. Moldings tiles are that edging factor that makes a huge difference in a how a tiling project looks when completed. Not only do they provide a clear line break for the eye, they also create a natural separation and transition from the tile to the next surface, whether that be wood flooring or painted wall or carpeting. Just look at any other interior surface and you will see there is always a separate factor installed if a quality level higher than basic.

And there is quite a variety of moldings tiles to work with. From thick to thin, long to short, there are plenty of choices that give sufficient variety and diversity for creative types. The results can be impressive as well. Tiling materials from marble to onyx to ceramic are easily available and regularly in stock with a portfolio of colors and natural mixtures. Coloring ranging from pure ivory white to glossy black can be mixed with other tiling to create some really eye-catching patterns and forms not seen in standard home construction where everything is installed in a cookie-cutter fashion.

So if you want to take your tiling work to the next level in display and design, moldings tiles from Marble n' Things really should be considered in your next project. Marble n' Things staff are available online and by phone to help and confirm inventory in stock in your region.


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